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Campaign Marketing

Strategies and messages to engage your community and inspire generosity.

The worst thing your nonprofit can be is the best kept secret.

If you don’t include marketing in your campaign strategy, you’re ultimately hurting your fundraising efforts.

Without strong campaign marketing, you could fail to meet your campaign goal.

Why should you include marketing in your campaign strategy?

A Campaign Marketing Plan...

…empowers your staff, board, and volunteers to be campaign ambassadors and drum up support.

…generates a broad base of community-level gifts that help you reach the finish line and declare success.

…builds a philanthropic brand that inspires your community.

A campaign marketing plan is an investment in your campaign’s success.

Congratulations! You've launched your big campaign.

You’ve conducted a feasibility study, refined your plans, and set your goal. Now, you need to convince lots of people to contribute their time, talent, and treasure. But how do you do it? The answer is campaign marketing.


We know that great marketing makes fundraising more effective. When you engage us for your campaign,  we create integrated fundraising and marketing strategies that are customized to your organization. We’ll help you convey your campaign vision, excite your community, and inspire people to give and get involved.

How to Partner With Us

1. Curious How Marketing Can Enhance Your Campaign?

Contact us with more information about where you’re at in your campaign journey.

2. Share Your Vision

We’ll be in touch to schedule your free discovery call and discuss how a campaign marketing plan can bring your dream campaign to life.

3. We’ll Make a Plan

Our team will craft a custom proposal for you.

The Power of Storytelling

When it comes to campaigns, other consultants focus solely on fundraising. For them, it’s all about the ask—securing big gifts and courting major donors. But at Cramer & Associates, we know that effective fundraising is good storytelling.

We create campaign messages and marketing strategies that make your donor the hero of the story. Your marketing will invite individuals to join your cause and envision the impact they could make. Because every gift matters when it comes to reaching your campaign goal.


A campaign marketing plan builds lasting relationships between your organization and your donors. When your campaign is complete,  you will have a strong philanthropic brand that inspires trust, generosity, and loyalty.

Are You Ready to Launch a Campaign?

You can prepare for campaign success right now! Download our FREE Campaign Readiness Checklist and find out what phase of campaign preparation you’re in.

Download Your Free Campaign Readiness Checklist

Case Studies

Dublin Food Pantry

Services Provided

The Sandusky State Theatre

Services Provided

  • Campaign Counsel
  • Campaign Marketing

North American Lutheran Church

Services Provided

  • Campaign Counsel
  • Campaign Marketing

Habitat for Humanity–MidOhio

Services Provided

  • Campaign Counsel
  • Strategic Plan
Ronald McDonald, members of Team Cramer and the Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton campaign team holding shovels

Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton

Services Provided

  • Feasibility Study
  • Campaign Counsel
collage of photos with people handing out and receiving Lindy Infante Foundation's sport in a bag

Lindy Infante Foundation

Services Provided

  • Master Plan
  • Executive Coaching

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Services Provided

  • Feasibility Study
  • Campaign Counsel

Bishop Griffin Resource Center

Services Provided

  • Campaign Counsel

Humane Society of Greater Dayton

Services Provided

  • Feasibility Study
  • Campaign Counsel
  • Master Plan

Ohio Eastern Star Home

Services Provided

  • Feasibility Study
  • Campaign Counsel

More Services

Campaign Counsel

We’ll craft and implement fundraising strategies to meet—or exceed—your goal.

Feasibility Study

We'll prepare you for a campaign with customized recommendations.

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