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Strategic Network

Our network, built to help you succeed.

Cramer & Associates has a premier network of artists, designers, analysts, and other professionals. With their expertise, our partners can handle whatever challenges come their way.

Rod Arter


A picture is worth a thousand words—and sometimes a million dollars! Rod’s illustrations visualize your plans and bring donors on board to support your vision.

Evelyn Flock

Commemorative Recognition & Displays

Evelyn and her team at Eleven Fifty-Seven Design Concepts create high-impact donor recognition displays. With their artistry, they celebrate the people who come together to bring bold new ideas to life.

Hinda Mitchell

PR & Marketing

Hinda and her team at Inspire PR Group help navigate the bigger picture, not just the tactical win. With their public relations, marketing, and digital expertise, they will help  tell your organization’s story in engaging new ways.

Jonathan Moody


For more than 40 years, Jonathan Moody has been an architectural innovator. His firm Moody Nolan is the largest African American-owned architecture firm in the country. They are practitioners of responsive architecture, designing spaces that are unique to our partners, the communities they serve, and the environment around them.

Lori Kaiser

Consulting & business plans

Lori and the Kaiser Consulting make our partners’ success their team’s goal. As your organization grows and transforms, they will help you navigate business challenges with their full suite of accounting, finance, and information technology compliance solutions.

Jim Negron


Our partners choose Jim Negron and his skilled team at CK Construction Group for more than their construction management or building services. They trust CK with their building visions because they are partners in problem-solving and with an unwavering commitment to doing what’s right.

Tricia Maschke & Dan Barney

Database management & analysis

Tricia and Dan at Red Barn Advisors help our partners organize, analyze, and utilize their donor data more effectively. When nonprofits put their data to work for them, they have more time to focus on mission fulfillment and personal donor engagement.

Dr. Patricia Larkins Hicks

cultural competency

Pat and the Outcomes Management Group (OMG) help us and our partners achieve personal and organizational excellence through outcomes-driven cultural competency exercises. 

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