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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Cramer & Associates, we celebrate diversity, advance equity, and embrace inclusion.

Because a fair philanthropic sector is a thriving philanthropic sector.

We celebrate diversity.

The word philanthropy means “love of humanity.” Loving humanity means understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of every individual. We consider the perspective of each person. Only when we understand our partners can we help them meet their goals.

We advance equity.

Historically, the resources that nonprofits need to sustain their missions have not been available to all people and all communities. Through coaching, cultivation, and connection, we increase our partners’ capacity to do good. We build a more just world by empowering our philanthropic partners.

We embrace inclusion.

When we share time and space with others, we invite them to share their ideas. This exchange creates a richer experience for everyone. People who are engaged in the process become invested in the outcomes. That’s why we bring everyone to the philanthropic table and make their voices heard.

Our team is committed to living out our values of Passion, Gratitude, Empathy, Authenticity, and Joy.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are part of that practice.

  • We open ourselves to working with organizations of every size and sector, serving all communities.
  • We treat everyone with kindness, no matter our differences.
  • We speak up with courage and confidence, adding our perspective to the conversation even if it is different from those around us.
  • We respect the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others.
  • We express thanks when others teach us how to be fairer and more inclusive in our words and actions.
  • We examine our actions, reassess, and change our behaviors when needed.
  • We celebrate learning and growth.

This is the Cramer & Associates Pledge

You can count on us to work effectively across all cultures and to align our policies and procedures with our values.


Because the combined, consistent actions of dedicated people have the power to make lasting change.

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