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Habitat for Humanity–MidOhio

The Challenge.

Since 1987, Habitat for Humanity–MidOhio (Habitat MidOhio) has been inspiring hope, building homes, empowering families, and developing communities. And as the affordable housing crisis escalates, their mission has become even more urgent. In 2015, Habitat MidOhio reached out to Cramer & Associates for guidance on how to serve the region more effectively.


Habitat MidOhio had initially engaged a national firm to conduct a feasibility study for a large campaign that would build a new headquarters facility. The feedback from this study indicated that the organization needed a more impactful strategy and a more conservative goal. This led Cramer to develop an innovative campaign plan that addressed programs, staffing, marketing, and development.


The Strategy.

In place of a traditional campaign focused on reaching a monetary goal, the Cramer team helped Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio develop the Habitat Housing Initiative (HHI). The initiative focused on three key elements:


  1. Revitalizing specific neighborhoods where the housing crisis was most critical through homebuilding, rehabs, and repairs. By focusing on whole communities instead of houses scattered throughout the region, Habitat MidOhio could measurably increase their results.
  2. Sustaining operations and programs through social enterprise by creating two new Habitat Restore locations. These discount home improvement stores would generate more revenue so Habitat MidOhio could expand their programs and hire new staff to support them.
  3. Communicating to donors the power of Habitat MidOhio through marketing. Messages would focus on how Habitat clients take courses in personal finance, learn home maintenance skills, and help construct their own homes, creating impact that lasts for generations.


To spread the word about the HHI, Cramer suggested recruiting Champions rather than a traditional campaign cabinet. Each Champion introduced Habitat leaders to key prospects in their networks to cultivate a healthy donor portfolio.

Project Facts

$ 0 M

The Result.

With this unique strategy and the guidance of the Cramer team, the HHI reached its $4.5 million goal. Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio elevated their programs, expanded their team to support more clients than ever, and increased community awareness of their success. Following the campaign, Cramer also conducted a strategic planning session focused on maintaining this momentum into the future.


Thanks to the HHI, Habitat MidOhio was equipped to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on volunteerism. This success also positioned the organization to launch the Licking County Housing Initiative in the summer of 2022. The new initiative will establish a Newark ReStore, open a Family & Program Center, and increase services in Licking County.

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