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Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital

Mount Carmel St Ann's Hospital Logo

The Challenge.

Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital was preparing for an expansion that would focus on a new cardiac center. To support the expansion, the Foundation’s new president wanted to elevate their major gift efforts. This would be their first-ever capital campaign, so the Foundation engaged our team to provide fundraising counsel.

Two doctors performing a procedure

The Strategy.

First, the Cramer team developed campaign messages focused on the hospital’s Catholic care and how this could impact the community. Then we prepared the team who would be leading the campaign efforts. We provided training for the development staff and recruiting a diverse group of volunteers. By joining together, staff, board members, donors, and community members made a huge philanthropic impact. They invited key prospective donors and influencers to in-home gatherings, hospital tours, corporate receptions, and one-on-one meetings.

Project Facts

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The Result.

Prospective donors in the Catholic community were moved by messages that spoke to their faith. Working closely with the development team and volunteers, we engaged many new donors. Not only did the inclusive campaign events persuade them to give to this initiative, but they created strong relationships that would yield future gifts. Mount Carmel St. Ann’s was able to renovate their entrance, create a healthy new bistro, and revitalize patient rooms for a modern and tranquil experience.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Counsel

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