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Uncover New Skillset Resources on Your Board: Part II
Nonprofit Management

Mike Schmidt, CFRE, Cramer & Associates, Executive V.P. & Partner

A plethora of skillset resources of your board members are uncovered when you shift from report-out board meetings to strategy development.

Don’t squash the potential and just report the mundane day-to-day occurrences. Your board members will leave the meeting only feeling that they warmed the chair and took up space.

It’s time to make a shift in how board meetings are led. At the center of board dialogue, future strategy surfaces, next practices are unleashed, and innovation takes shape.

This happens when you create an agenda that’s strategically-focused instead of report-focused. Board members and staff will see a culture change take shape, including:

  • Contagious Optimism: While this may seem obvious, we hear from so many members at the meeting or emails over the proceeding days on how much they enjoyed and would like to see more of this type of meeting.
  • Elevated Communication: We witness increased email traffic and follow-up that if channeled correctly can accomplish objectives that utilize external strengths such as leveraging board member networks or expertise.
  • Spiked Engagement: Board member attendance elevates often due to the perception that their time is being better utilized and not wanting to be left out of the conversation.
  • Organizational Growth: Board members with increased engagement are more willing to see the organization try new concepts and secure the resources needed to achieve success.
  • Endless Mission Learning: Members learn through the discussion process and often do more preparation for meetings with the knowledge that they’re expected to provide input.
  • Deeper Relationships: Board and participating staff members develop a stronger rapport and social connection with one another that leads to greater connections and interactions for the organization.

During the pandemic, the Cramer Team has incorporated new changes into nonprofit board meetings with increased engagement and new resources uncovered. To elevate your board culture or to schedule a facilitated strategy session, contact Mike Schmidt at Cramer & Associates at or (614) 766-4483.

Review Part I of this series: The Board Shake-Up Starts Now.

Cramer & Associates is a nationally recognized philanthropic consulting firm that has been serving nonprofit organizations, corporations and foundations since 1987. Our full-service firm offers clients a wide range of services, including feasibility studies, campaigns, strategic planning, board training, development audits, events, executive searches and much more. The Cramer Team identifies organizations’ strengths and opportunities and develops campaigns that succeed, empowering organizations to impact their communities.

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