What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Recession

graphic illustration of woman walking on top of arrows facing up and down

How should your organization prepare for the challenges ahead? Recession. These days, you can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV without hearing about it. This word conjures anxiety, fear, and horrible memories of economic downturns and crises past. At Cramer & Associates, we’ve been thinking a lot about the 2008 recession, the […]

“Rejection is God’s Protection”

rejection is god's protection

Dawn Robinson, CFRE, Vice President “Rejection is God’s Protection.” I heard this phrase recently from Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, on the EntreLeadership Podcast. The truth of it struck me hard. I thought about all the times our Cramer team had put hours upon hours into a proposal or presentation to a nonprofit […]

Call Your Mother: Lessons in Donor Relationships

Michelle Cramer, CFRE, President & CEO If you’re a parent like me, you know just how much it means to get a call from your child. Not just a Mother’s Day call or an emergency SOS call, but an out-of-the-blue, “thinking of you,” “how’s your day going?” call. It means more than I can say. I […]

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Corporate Philanthropy: Meeting With a Funder

What is corporate philanthropy? As a nonprofit leader, you likely already have a sense of the giving opportunities presented by corporations. You may have made an ask or two of corporate giving officers yourself, but it goes far beyond just dollar amounts or a one-off meeting with a funder filled with predetermined talking points about […]

The Cost of Poor Organizational Health

Michelle Cramer, CFRE, President & CEO, Cramer & Associates Do you see limited employee engagement, poor execution of meetings, decreased connections among team members and inefficiencies in operations within your organization? These are the initial indicators of an unhealthy organization that could be costing your organization greatly. Anyone who has ever worked in an unhealthy organization knows […]

Your Next $200,000 Gift Could be Waiting in Your Spam Folder

Dawn Robinson, CFRE, Cramer & Associates, Senior Consultant Does your organization have a ‘Contact Us’ page or an info@organizationname.org email? How often do you check them or take the time to respond to those who reach out this way? I know, I know… a lot of spam comes through these forms and emails, but let […]

The Power of Positive Disruption

Michelle Cramer, CFRE, President & CEO, Cramer & Associates One year ago, COVID-19 began to change the world around us. Our team saw firsthand the impact it was having on our nonprofit partners and the overwhelming disruption it caused for so many organizations. It was around this time last year when we started to receive calls and […]

4 Routines to STOP in 2021

Mike Schmidt, CFRE, Cramer & Associates, Executive V.P. & Partner We’re already well into 2021, and you’ve probably started to implement your strategic goals for the next few months. But how do you stay the course, avoid roadblocks, and keep up the motivation? Our Cramer Team suggests challenging the status quo and dropping some of those […]

Using a Storyboard as a Powerful Marketing Tool

The Cramer Team As we roll into 2021, content still reigns as king, and storytelling should be a key strategy of your marketing and communications plan. Telling your nonprofit’s story boosts your brand, elevates your mission, and builds trust and loyalty with your constituents, who will then continue to share your story over and over […]