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Marburn Academy

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The Challenge.

Marburn Academy in Columbus, Ohio had been leasing Walden Elementary from Columbus City Schools since the 1980s, but its age and configuration could not sustain the school’s growth. Modular classrooms and common areas were accommodating high school students, and adding trailers disrupted their community model. Changes in instructional design, advances in technology, new extracurricular activities, and a rapidly growing student body led Marburn Academy to develop a new vision for the school. Academy leaders engaged Cramer & Associates to provide counsel for their first-ever campaign.

girl running down a school hallway

The Strategy.

Cramer & Associates developed a detailed campaign plan for Marburn Academy. We also created an advancement structure for the school to carry out both campaign and annual fundraising operations. Over the course of three years, the philanthropic goal for the campaign increased several times – beginning at $8 million and increasing to more than $13 million by the end of the campaign. The campaign required careful thought, consideration, and planning to garner the most dynamic volunteer team to assist them in achieving the end goal.

Project Facts

K-12 School
0 sq. ft.
$ 0 M+
Marburn Academy Building

The Result.

A new Marburn Academy was built and opened in the fall of 2016 in New Albany, Ohio. This new, 55,000 square foot building houses all students (K-12) under one roof and features three academic neighborhoods: elementary, middle, and high school. The elementary school neighborhood has five 900-square-foot classrooms to accommodate 16 students each. Each of the middle and high schools’ neighborhoods has six classrooms that includes a common area where students and teachers can mingle. Marburn Academy used to serve 170 students annually and now serves more than 250 students!

Services Provided

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