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Unleash Your Team’s Working Genius to Increase Engagement & Bandwidth
Organizational Health

Nonprofits transform our communities and are successful in doing so because of the hardworking staff and board members who live out the mission every day.

These types of organizations are known for having limited staff and resources, which requires the entire team to work in the trenches most days, regardless of the title they may hold.

Oftentimes with limited bandwidth and resources, it’s easy for burnout to creep in and for team members to resort to reactive planning modes.

At this crossroads, many of us scratch our heads and think there must be a better way!

So how do you increase your team’s bandwidth, gain forward momentum and improve the overall health of your organization?

Many nonprofits, including I Am Boundless, RMHC Dayton and Blessing House, are turning to the Cramer Team for guidance, and we’ve acquired new tools to help.

Working Genius Assessment

Last year, Cramer joined CAPAPro, a professional affiliate network of Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group with access to new tools and in-depth knowledge to boost organizational health.

The Cramer Team is leveraging this partnership by introducing CAPAPro’s most recent and popular tool, the Working Genius, to our nonprofit partners. The Working Genius is an assessment designed to uncover our natural gifts and understand how to better contribute to team projects.

There are 6 types of Working Geniuses:

  • Wonder: Ponders the endless possibilities and uncovers the hidden potential.
  • Invention: Builds new solutions and ideas from scratch.
  • Discernment: Evaluates the ideas and finds the gaps.
  • Galvanizing: Generates enthusiasm and rallies people around the ideas.
  • Enablement: Helps bring the ideas or projects to fruition
  • Tenacity: Pushes the projects to the finish line.

Each person has 2 Working Geniuses, 2 Working Competencies, and 2 Working Frustrations.

Interactive Team Sessions

For the last few months, the Cramer Team has researched and tested the Working Genius assessment and developed our own highly engaging, interactive session for our clients to better understand their teams and board members.

The positive disruption for a team occurs when you couple the assessment with one of our sessions, either in-person or virtually. The charts, discussion and examples your team reveals will help them learn, improve and shift how they work together.

Schedule a Session Today!

As we approach springtime, consider pushing restart on your team or board and schedule a Working Genius assessment and session with Cramer. You have an opportunity to create greater ripples of impact within your organization.

For more information about Working Genius and to schedule a session with your team, contact us at

Cramer & Associates is a nationally recognized philanthropic consulting firm that has been serving nonprofit organizations, corporations and foundations since 1987. Our full-service firm offers clients a wide range of services, including feasibility studies, campaigns, strategic planning, board training, development audits, events, executive searches and much more. The Cramer Team identifies organizations’ strengths and opportunities and develops campaigns that succeed, empowering organizations to impact their communities.

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