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Supporting Women and Girls Beyond the Month of March
Philanthropic Trends

Michelle CramerCFRE, President & CEO, Cramer & Associates

Women’s History Month has come to a close, and I’ve taken time to reflect on all of the ways we’ve celebrated the achievements of women in our community who make us stronger. We’ve seen social media campaigns sharing inspirational quotes from women executives, bold investments in nonprofits supporting women and girls, and events bringing women and allies together to learn from and empower one another.

I’ve been so inspired by the way nonprofits, companies, and individuals have used their voices to uplift women during the month of March. But Women’s History Month is just a moment in time — it’s one of twelve months throughout the year that we should celebrate the role women play as moms, mentors, philanthropists, leaders, friends, and so much more. And it’s one of twelve months when we should be showing up for the nonprofit organizations advancing gender equity, and advocating for women and girls.

While philanthropic support to women’s and girl’s organizations has steadily increased over the years, it still represents a very small piece of the pie. According to IUPUI’s Women’s Philanthropy Institute’s Women and Girls Index 2020, only 1.6% of overall charitable giving goes to women’s and girl’s nonprofits. When women hold 40% of global wealth, these numbers don’t add up — as women, there’s more we can do to support women’s and girl’s organizations.

We know that the pandemic has disproportionately affected women’s health, economic wellbeing, and everything in between. But if the organizations supporting women and girls receive less than 2% of philanthropic resources, how will we ever change the trajectory for women in our communities?

Today is April 5, and as we continue to move beyond Women’s History Month, I’d like you to consider how you’ll continue advocating for women’s organizations next week, next month, and next year. Here are a few ways we can all continue to intentionally show up for nonprofits serving women and girls:

Find a Women’s and Girl’s Organization to Support

  • Visit the Columbus Foundation’s Giving Store to explore central Ohio nonprofits supporting women and girls.
  • Check out the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio’s 2022 Grant Partners, all focused on creating equity for women and girls in Central Ohio.

Show Up! Continue investing in the organization year-round by:

  • Signing up for a volunteer event or committee
  • Making a reoccurring gift
  • Following the nonprofit on social media and signing up for their newsletters! This will help you stay up-to-date on the work they’re doing and opportunities to get involved.

Continue to Learn

  • To be intentional about engaging women philanthropists or being a woman philanthropist, it’s important to understand what motivates women to give. IUPUI’s Women’s Philanthropy Institute offers a number of resources and reports on all things gender and philanthropy.

Let’s continue the momentum of Women’s History Month. Together, we can elevate the work of our nonprofit partners that are building a more equitable world for all, all year long!

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