Columbus Speech & Hearing Center Announces Expansion to Dublin, OH

Our partners at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center, a Central Ohio nonprofit, has served children and adults with speech and hearing challenges for nearly 100 years, regardless of affordability. The Center’s main location in Clintonville serves more than 1,500 speech clients and 2,200 audiology clients annually. The Dublin expansion, made possible by the philanthropic support […]

Partner Spotlight: Sr. Mary Berigan’s New Hat

Contributed content provided by the Blessing House Sr. Mary Berigan has worn many hats over the years – she has been a teacher, grade school principal, coach, volunteer guardian ad litem and is now Executive Director of a children’s crisis care center. But the one hat Sr. Mary never expected to be wearing was that […]

Pivoting the Nonprofit Sector One Step at a Time

The Cramer Team The nonprofit sector is known for being slow to change. But in times of disruption – whether it be from a pandemic or change in leadership – you cannot afford to navigate on autopilot. You must be swift, agile, and more purposeful in fulfilling your organization’s mission, and that’s where Cramer’s Pivot […]

Licking County Library Pivots in a New Direction

The global pandemic has upended the philanthropic sector. While nonprofits across the country are slashing budgets and shuttering doors, others are turning to creative solutions like the Cramer & Associates’ Pivot Plan™ to reevaluate and push forward. Nonprofits need real solutions right now, and the Pivot Plan™ is a swift strike designed to be executed […]