About the
Pivot Plan™

Leading an organization out of any type of unexpected disruption requires aligned, cohesive thinking by leadership teams; clear and concise direction; and strong tactical approaches.

Cramer’s Pivot Plan™ revolves around five “pivot gears” that are at the heart of every nonprofit: leadership, mission fulfillment, finance, fundraising, and marketing and communications. At the core of the continuity and contingency plan is the understanding that each of these gears must work together to develop a path forward to fulfill your organization’s mission during any type of disruption.

As a participant of the Pivot Plan™, your organization will benefit from the following:

  • Creating a cohesive plan to move your organization past the disruption (or crisis) and into action
  • Removing the barriers and silos that typically exist in nonprofit organizations
  • Syncs all the gears toward mission fulfillment to ensure financial sustainability
  • Provides a proactive engagement and cultivation tool for both Board and donors

Regardless of the size of your organization, everyone who participates will walk away with tools to implement immediately to ensure your organization not only survives, but thrives, and moves forward.

The Pivot Plan™ was clear and concise and a great way to evaluate what we are trying to do in light of COVID-19. We will be discussing this plan at our leadership level.

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